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On a new political party


A new coalition party (Ciutadans-Partido de la Ciudadania, usually abbreviated as 'C's') has won three seats in the Catalan parliament. Its members claim that they recognise no national community whatsoever ľ their avowed 'non-nationalism' can, logically, mean nothing else ľ which would make them practically unique among human beings, were it true. But their manifesto reveals that their main concern is with nothing other than an apparently excessive use of the Catalan language in Catalonia. Unfortunately, that isn't all.
My first indication of this came from a friend who helped found the party (name withheld, given that Ciutadans has a habit of publicly slandering anyone that falls foul of it). He left after six months, when he noticed that more than a few sympathisers were turning up at party rallies with Spanish-flag badges pinned to their lapels (a sure sign of far rightness). It is surely no coincidence, then, that of the two Ciutadans voters I know of, one finds the ultraconservative Partido Popular too moderate, and the other used to support the Falange. Neither can it be a coincidence that Ciutadans has received the blessing of Esteban Gˇmez-Rovira, the founder of a neo-fascist party called Juntas Espa˝olas. However, it should be pointed out that Ciutadans also has some left-wing voters, who, astonishingly, don't mind being bedfellows with people who still have wet dreams about Franco. It would seem that a common antipathy towards a Catalanish Catalonia (as opposed to a wholly Hispanified one) has brought certain lefties and fascisti together, with the result that the voice of the extreme Spanish nationalist right has finally managed to sneak into the Catalan parliament though a back door opened by a 'non-nationalist' party. Citizens, my arse.

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